nanatang X Dolcecake: Korean Glossy buttercream flowers & Korean-Style Macarons Workshop

In collaboration with nanatang, instructor Clare from Dolce Cake Korea is back for the FORTH time in Singapore! Her buttercream floral piping workshops are always popular and filled with happy students. This time round, we have bonus surprises for you! Clare is going to share with you her Signature French Macarons making in her workshops!

Clare is also the owner of Laseulla Macaron shop in Korea. It is so delicious and popular that she can sell average 500pcs of handmade macarons everyday! Her Macarons are generously filled with her handmade fillings and big in size unlike the ones you buy in Singapore. They are super instagram-friendly as well!

Be part of our upcoming buttercream flowers x macarons workshops and learn something new and beautiful!
Workshop dates:
- April 27, 28 and May 1

To those who loves realistic-looking and glossy flowers AND at the same time want to learn to make Korean-style macarons, book Your Spot below before they run out! 

Instructor Clare opened her Macaron shop and updated her instagram name to @lasuella. Check out her yummy treats and scroll down to her flower works!