nanatang X LUMa's CAKE: Atelier Cake Decoration Workshop

'The creators behind Luma’s Cake - Noralid & Javier – started all because of their love for their boys, “LUcas” and “MAthias". The very first cake made was on November 18, 2011 for Lucas’s first birthday. From then on, each of their son’s birthdays was an opportunity to improve with one objective: amaze them!

Noralid is a petroleum engineer and pastry aficionada, while Javier specializes in marketing and also a classical painter. It was logical that their two passions would meet.

In 2017, motivated by their friends, they decided to embark on the adventure to fulfill the dreams of many little ones by creating handcrafted personalized cakes. The result? A history, born of love, sweetness and art. Each of their cakes is created at home as a Sunday hobby. In each creation, quality ingredients and flavors were chosen, and 100% hand-made artistic compositions, 100% unique, all with great care of details.

Now, it’s your turn to create these dream cakes with the artisan cake crafter!

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Workshop dates only on: - July 21, 22 and 24

Check out instructor's magical works: @lumascake