In this period of time, we understand that many want to stay at home. This is actually the best period to spend some time learning new skills and accompanying your loved ones.

Introducing our LIVE and Interactive ONLINE masterclasses! Stay at home, learn new skills and enjoy a Caking bonding with your loved ones!

There are many online courses out there but don't you think that they are just like youtube video tutorials: pre recorded and nicely edited. but for most of the time, it is difficult to create the same results and there is no one who can help you when you encounter problem.

So we thought of a different way to conduct this online masterclasses:
A LIVE online class and interactive one.

This online class will be scheduled at a dedicated time. Students who signed up will be added into a group chat before the start of the class.

>> It will feel like an actual class<<
You can ask questions along the way. Even after the session, help will still be available.

There are 2 ways to join the online masterclasses:
1) Only watch the online class (you have to prepare your own ingredients if you want to make the products)
2) Watch the online class and also get the Cake Kit (pre-packed ingredients) send to your house

How to join class?
- Click on the link below to book and pay online

Serena, Head-Caketist of nanatang, has been in the caking scene since 2013.

Join her upcoming workshops and learn a life-time skill! 

Open for all, with or without any baking background. Upgrade your skills to another designer level! 

Book your slots early!  
Workshop dates: Please click listing to see various dates!

Search on instagram @serenanatang/@nanatangbakes to see her amazing creations!