8 Pointers to Spark Creativity in Your Bento Cake Designs

Welcome to the world of bento cake designing! If you want to take your cake designs to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Nanatang, a bakehouse and studio in Singapore, creativity is the key to making cakes that taste amazing and look stunning. This blog post will share eight pointers to help you spark your creativity and create bento cakes that will wow your friends and family.

1. Find Inspiration Everywhere

Creativity can strike any moment, so keep your eyes open for inspiration in your everyday life. Nature, art, and even your favourite books and movies can provide great ideas for cake designs. For instance, a walk in a botanical garden might inspire a floral-themed cake, while visiting an art museum could spark ideas for a cake with abstract designs. 

Keep a sketchbook handy to jot down any ideas that come to mind (or your phone’s note app will do). Also, browse social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram for trending cake designs. Visit Nanatang to see some incredible cake designs that can inspire your next creation!

2. Play with Colours

Feel free to experiment with different colour combinations. Bright and bold colours make your cakes stand out, while soft pastels give them a delicate, elegant touch. Food colouring gels offer a wide range of vibrant hues. For example, you could create a rainbow cake with layers of different colours or an ombre effect where the colour gradually changes from light to dark. Remember to use colours that complement each other to create a harmonious look. You can even employ colour theory to guide your choices, ensuring your cake is visually pleasing.

3. Incorporate Different Textures

Adding texture to your cakes can make them visually exciting and fun. Try using different piping tips to create various patterns and designs. You can create rosettes, stars, or ruffles using different techniques. You can also use edible decorations like sprinkles, chocolate shavings, and fondant shapes to add depth and dimension to your cakes. For instance, you can lend a crunchy texture with nuts or a smooth, glossy finish with a ganache glaze. At Nanatang, our classes cover a variety of techniques to help you master the art of texture.

4. Use Edible Flowers and Fresh Fruit

Edible flowers and fresh fruit can add a touch of natural beauty to your bento cakes. Flowers like pansies, violets, and marigolds are safe to eat and can be used to decorate your cakes. Fresh fruit, such as berries and citrus slices, can add colour and flavour. 

Consider pairing fruits with complementary cake flavours, like strawberries with vanilla or lemon slices with blueberry cake. Make sure to wash and dry them thoroughly before use to ensure they are clean and safe to eat. Edible flowers and fruits can also add a refreshing taste and fragrance to your cakes, enhancing the overall experience.

5. Personalise Your Designs

Adding a personal touch to your cake designs can make them extra special. Consider incorporating elements that reflect the recipient’s interests, hobbies, or favourite colours. For example, if you’re making a cake for a music lover, you could create a design featuring musical notes or instruments. For a sports enthusiast, consider including elements of their favourite sport, like a soccer ball or basketball. Personalisation shows thoughtfulness and can make your cakes memorable. You can add custom messages or names using edible markers or fondant letters.

6. Experiment with Flavours

While the focus is often on the visual aspect of cake design, remember the flavours! Experiment with different cake flavours and fillings to create unique combinations. For instance, you could pair a rich chocolate cake with a tangy raspberry filling or a light vanilla cake with a creamy matcha frosting. You can also infuse your cakes with unique flavours like lavender, chai spice, or citrus zest. At Nanatang, we encourage bakers to explore new flavour profiles to keep things exciting. Offering a variety of flavours can also cater to different preferences, making your cakes a hit at any gathering.

7. Keep It Simple

Sometimes, less is more. Simple designs can be just as stunning as intricate ones. Focus on clean lines and well-executed details. A minimalist approach can highlight the quality of your work and make your cakes look sophisticated. For example, a simple white cake with a few well-placed decorations can be more impactful than a crowded design. If you’re new to cake decorating, starting with simpler designs can build your confidence before tackling more complex projects. This approach also ensures that your cakes are easy to replicate and can be made efficiently.

8. Stay Updated with Trends

The cake design world is always evolving, so staying updated with the latest trends can keep your creations fresh, modern and relevant. Follow famous cake decorators on social media, read baking blogs, and attend workshops to learn about new techniques and styles. For example, recently, drip cakes, watercolour cakes, and geode cakes have been popular trends. Nanatang offers various classes covering the latest trends in cake decorating. By incorporating these trends, you can ensure your cakes remain current and appealing to your audience.


Creating bento cakes is a beautiful way to express your creativity and bring joy to others. By finding inspiration everywhere, playing with colours, incorporating textures, using edible flowers and fresh fruit, personalising your designs, experimenting with flavours, keeping it simple, and staying updated with trends, you can create stunning cakes that will impress everyone. 

Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and let your creativity shine. If you want to enhance your skills further, consider visiting Nanatang for classes and workshops to help you become a master cake designer.

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