Nanatang started off as an online bakery in 2013 and today, it is a studio and bakehouse that caters for the latest cake trends to bring you exciting workshops and insta-worthy cakes. It was created as a space to bring together beautiful people to create beautiful things, a space where it’s normal to hear “cake is life”.

Here at Nanatang, you can learn and grow your passions because you’ve got a like-minded friend in us.

Here are other usages of the space:

  • Conducting your own classes (be it cake or non-cake related)
  • Hosting private parties or events
  • Personal baking
  • Corporate bonding session

Hello there! I am the Founder and Head Cake-tist of Nanatang and I’m thrilled to be able to share my passion for dessert with you after many years of home baking. My passion blossomed from the spring of my youth, and from the first “OMG, it tastes so good!” comment, I have never stopped baking.

With this motivation and the love for all cakes, what started off as a dream 13 years ago has finally come to fruition thanks to the support of the many sweet toothed angels out there – as they say, where there’s a whisk, there’s a way! Of course, there is always room for improvement. I am always learning every single day. I hope you enjoy viewing (and tasting) my creation as well as be excited about the workshops I organise in the space.

Would you like to hands-on and create something you will be proud of? Check out all my exclusive workshops here.

Or do you prefer to eat rather than making it yourself? In 2021, we opened @Haengbok Cakeyo (www.hbcy.sg), a korean-concept desserts store where you can get the latest Korean desserts without even having to fly to Korea! We bring the taste of Korea to you instead.

Need something special and customsied for an occasion? Let us do the designing and bring the cake to life for you! View our past work here and whatsapp us your requests.



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