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The Story of FatFat-Carons

Inspired from the ttung-carons (뚱카롱)—giant versions of its dainty-looking French cousins, which literarily translates to ‘fat-carons’ for its sheer size and over-the-top appearance, Serena from Nanatang, created fatfatcarons
– the plus-sized versions of fatcarons.

These Fatfatcarons are not the usual ones that is purely filled with whole chunk of cream. We want you to taste different texture and experience flavs within each piece of goodness. Only for those who appreciate good quality made-with-love masterpiece.

Durian Fatfatcarons (2)
Ondeh Ondeh Fatfatcarons
Milo Dinosaur Fatfatcarons
Fatfatcarons Banner 3