nanatang X Warmcake: Korean Beanpaste and Rice Flour Deco Art Workshop

Instructor Choi Su Jung (Crystal) from Warmcake Korea is back again in Singapore! Her see-through rice cake and beanpaste flower workshop was a hit previously! This time round, she will be introducing more fun and innovative workshops such as Glossy Rice Cream Flowers, Bojagi-cake and Song-pyun. Those who missed her the last time, be sure not to miss her out again! To date, she has already published 3 books and we are sure many more to come!

Workshop dates: Mar 3, 4 and 5

Search on instagram @tudomi_warmcake to see her amazing work!

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Instructor Vicktoria from Russia, specialised in creative and delicious baked cheesecake. She studied in Lenotre Paris and recently published my first cook-book "Cheesecake inside". Her cakes are not just tasty, they are also gorgeous! There is also one-day demonstration class where Vicktoria will be sharing and making a set of her signature cheesecakes. Students get to bring home the cheesecakes. Don't miss out learning how to perfect your cheesecake with Instructor Vicktoria! 

Workshop dates: April 7, 8, 10 and 11 

Search on instagram @vicky_bakery to see her amazing work!

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nanatang X Dolce Cake: Korean Glossy Buttercream Flowers Workshop

In collaboration with nanatang, instructor Clare from Dolce Cake Korea is back for the third time in Singapore! On top of her signature floral cupcakes classes, we will be introducing a few new flowers piping techniques.

Workshop dates: April 28, 29 and May 1

Our talented Instructor Clare opened her Macaron shop and updated her instagram name to @lasuella. Check out her yummy treats and scroll down to her flower works! 

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nanatang X Shmaroff: Realistic Foodgrade Wafer Paper Flowers Workshop

nanatang is proud to introduce Petya Shmarova, an international wafer paper flowers artist from Bulgaria, Europe. She is also an Author and Multiple Award Winner. She has articles published in the The British Sugarcraft Guild newsletter, Cakes and Sugarcraft, Cake Decoration monthly. She is accredited tutor and demonstrator for leading UK Cake Decoration Companies as Patchwork Cutters and Knightsbridge PME. Her first book about Wafer paper flowers was release November 2016.

Workshop dates: May 19, 20, 22 and 23

Check out instructor's award-winning works: @petyashmarova  

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nanatang X Happy Pryanik: Delicate Icing Cookie Deco Art Workshop

nanatang welcomes HAPPY PRYANIK to Singapore! Instructor Darya, based in Moscow, owns a studio for five years; specialises in delicate icing cookie decoration. Since childhood, she has always been loving doing hands-on work. And cookie decoration helped her to realise her dreams. She is very much into 3D drawings and elements, as well as retro themes which you can see in her creations.

Workshop dates: June 23, 24, 26 and 27

Search on instagram @happy_pryanik to see her amazing creations!

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Pristy from Indonesia will be the lead instructor for this workshop. She has been a food decorator for more than 10 years, started off with cute bento boxes and venturing into more creative baking such as decopao and buttercream painting. She published a book 2 years ago, about her signature Bento characters (Kyaraben). Her creation is endless! Be sure not to miss out learning from her.

Workshop dates: Aug 18 to 22  

View Pristy's cute creation on her instagram @liitle_bento_house

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