Embark on this sweet escape into one of our baking workshops in Singapore, because if you've been longing to start your own cake business, or hoped to entertain your guests with some stunningly delicious cake, then come and join us for a baking class in Singapore.

Our baking workshops in Singapore cover a range of techniques to improve your baking skills from cake decorating classes and buttercream flower class to fondant cake baking class. With a passion of mastering the art of baking, we bring together renowned bakers from around the world to our bake studio in Singapore so our students can have the opportunity to learn from the best in our workshops. Our bake studio in Singapore can accommodate up to 20 students and are scheduled through the year. So roll up your sleeves and together let us learn to make gorgeous artisan desserts for your next party or event!

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In this period of time, we understand that many want to stay at home. This is actually the best period to spend some time learning new skills and accompanying your loved ones.

Introducing our LIVE and Interactive ONLINE masterclasses! Stay at home, learn new skills and enjoy a Caking bonding with your loved ones!

There are many online courses out there but don't you think that they are just like youtube video tutorials: pre recorded and nicely edited. but for most of the time, it is difficult to create the same results and there is no one who can help you when you encounter problem.

So we thought of a different way to conduct this online masterclasses:
A LIVE online class and interactive one.

This online class will be scheduled at a dedicated time. Students who signed up will be added into a group chat before the start of the class.

>> It will feel like an actual class<<
You can ask questions along the way. Even after the session, help will still be available.

How to join class?
- Click on the button below to find out more!

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Are you looking for any of the following?
- Hen's night Baking Party
- Corporate team bonding session
- Kids baking
- Baking for Fun / Own Hobby
- Baking for loved ones
- Starting your own home baking business

This range of workshops are for you! Now it's your chance to learn how to make instagram-friendly and delicious bakes: The Nanatang-inspired Style!

Spend a fruitful time in our cosy studio that is centrally located in Outram Park Area.
All Materials are prepared and ready for you. PS: No cleaning is needed from you. All you need to do is to follow our step-by-step guidance by our in-house experienced instructors and have fun!

Cake is all about the design and looks. Who wants to eat commercial looking cakes when you can have a beautiful handcrafted one?

All of the following workshops are open for all, with or without any baking background. You do not need to worry about anything at all!

PS: If you would like us to customise a class for you on specific date, please send us enquires here.  

Book your slots early!  
Workshop dates: Please click listing to see various dates!

Search on instagram @nanatangbakes to see our amazing creations!

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SERENA TANG: 3D FLOWERS PIPING training Masterclass

Serena, Head-Caketist of nanatang, has been in the caking scene since 2013.

She is known for her 3D Piped Flowers. Be it Korean Glossy Buttercream to Korean Beanpaste to Swiss Meringue Buttercream. She is the expert of Flower Piping!

Now, moving to the next level of Piping realistic flowers using chocolate! Serena is now certified instructor from International Cake Decoration Association (ICDA). Learn this very new technique of piping flowers using chocolate! No cream, no ganache, no buttercream! It is delicious chocolate!

Join her upcoming workshops and learn a life-time skill!
Enjoy and relax in her classes while all the materials are prepared and included in every course. 

Open for all, with or without any baking background. Upgrade your skills to another designer level! 

Book your slots early!  
Workshop dates: Please click listing to see various dates!

Search on instagram @serenanatang/@nanatangbakes to see her amazing creations!

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nanatang X Kevin Gully: Gluten-free French Pastries Masterclass

Kevin Gully is Pastry Chef for almost 20 years! We would say he is destined to be one of the most passionate and skilful French Pastry Chef!

Started in 2001, he has been learning and upgrading each and every day, in many different countries such as France, USA and now in Australia. He is the head of production in a famous organisation in Melbourne.

He won Third in place and best entremet of the competition for the category entremet, at the "savour patissier of the year" competitin in Melbourne and Sydney.

In 2019, he held many masterclasses around the world. And in 2020, finally in Singapore with nanatang! Exclusively For Singapore, he will be specialising in Gluten-Free French Pastries which is now high in demand!

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the expert! Join these exclusive classes in Singapore only across:
May 7 to 10!

Workshop dates:
May 7 (PH): Gluten-free Eclairs Masterclass

May 8 (AM/PM): Gluten-free Cakes Making

May 9 & 10: 2days Gluten-free Multiple French Pastries Masterclass

Check out his yummy creations on instagram: @Kevin.melb

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nanatang X Warmcake: Korean Beanpaste Flowers and Character Roll Cake Workshop

Instructor Choi Su Jung (Crystal) from Warmcake Korea is back again in Singapore! This is her forth time in Singapore!

As usual, Crystal is always ever creative and constantly creating new innovative cake designs for workshops in Singapore! Crystal has been very well-known for her Character Roll Cake. Last year, we ran the classes and it was a hit! Everyone loves the soft and fluffy swissroll. At the same time, it is so cute as well!

Of course, not forgetting Crystal's main speciality - Korean Beanpaste Flowers. This time, she combined many new techniques such as wafer paper deco and chocolate deco on her beanpaste flower cakes. Such design is now trending! ! Those who missed the classes last time, be sure not to miss out again!

To date, she has already published 4 books and we are sure many more to come!

Workshop dates: Across May 15, 16 and 17 only

Search on instagram @warmcakestudio to see her amazing work!

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nanatang X Elena Grankovskaya: Handpainting on Ganache Cake Masterclass

In June 2020, we welcome Elena Grankovskaya, the pastry chef and owner of the J & E pâtisserie studio in Montreal. Her delights are well loved by people of Montreal.

"The main rule for me in the kitchen is: The cake should be not only beautiful, but also tasty! I always wanted not only standard flavor combinations, but also something extravagant. That's why I developed my own line of recipes." YES, we agree so much that it is so important to be both visually and tastefully beautiful! And it is actually the hardest to achieve!

Fear not though! In Elena's masterclasses, you will learn her secrets on how to create such beautiful cakes. Strictly no fondant involved. Only fully edible cakes! Join these exclusive classes in Singapore only across:
June 19, 20 and 21.

Workshop dates:
June 19: Beauty Belle & Rose
June 20: Alice & Chrysanthemum
June 21: Rapunzel & Myosotis

Check out her stunning fondant creations on instagram: @J.E_cake

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nanatang X Mutlukekler: INTENSIVE Fondant-Skilled Masterclass

In July 2020, we are honoured to welcome back Chef Ece Akyildiz from Turkey!

She is one of the leading chefs in Turkey’s pastry sector, the top cake artist to create cakes with sugar paste concept, figures and flowers etc. Be amazed with her creativity!

In her workshops, learn the latest fondant trends using the latest techniques (wafer paper / modelling / texturing / stencils etc) and tools. Join these exclusive classes in Singapore only across:
July 10, 11 &12

Workshop dates:
July 10: 1 day: The Swan

July 11 & 12: 2 days: Ballerina

Check out her stunning fondant creations on instagram: @mutlukekler

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nanatang X Charles Liets: Authentic French Pastries Masterclass

Back by popular demand!!! Coming back To Singapore This Aug 2020!

Who should you be learning Authentic French Pastries from? Of course, it should be from a professional Pastry Chef from France!

This August 2020, we are honoured to welcome back Charles Liets, all the way from London, to share with us his skills and knowledge on French Pastries - mainly his specialities, Choux Pastry and Multi-layered tarts.

Charles started his pastry career since 2010 and was a pastry chef in many different big organisations such as Shangri-la hotel Paris and The Ritz London. Currently, he is now the head of pastry production at World's Greatest Food Emporium - Harrods, based in London, UK.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the expert! (unless you want to fly to Paris?) Join these exclusive classes in Singapore only across:
August 8 to 14!

August 8 & 9: 2 Days Multi-Layered Tarts Masterclass (Menu A)

August 10: 1 day Choux Pastry Masterclass

August 13 &14: 2 days Multi-Layered Tarts Masterclass (Menu B)

Check out his yummy creations on instagram: @charlesliets

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nanatang X Laseulla: Korean Glossy Buttercream Flowers & Korean-style Macarons Masterclass

Selling more than 500pcs of macarons every day in Korea! Clare from Laseulla (previously Dolce Cake) is finally free to be back in Singapore!

This is her fifth time back in Singapore! Clare is actually the very first instructor that nanatang collaborated with. And it always has been amazing! Students are always very pleased.

Make macarons like a pro in the upcoming workshops!! Understand both French and Italian methods of making macarons from both experts, Clare from Korea and Local cake-tist of nanatang, Serena. Make Korean style macarons! They are delicious, generous looking and definitely Instagram friendly!

Limited slots available.

These exclusive classes only in Singapore across:
August 28, 29, 30 and 31

Workshop dates:
August 28 (9am/3pm): Korean Glossy Buttercream Floral X Macaron Cake
August 29: Macaron Masterclass
August 30 (9am/3pm): Korean Glossy Buttercream Floral X Macaron Cake
August 31: Macaron Masterclass

Check out her amazing creations on instagram: @laseulla

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nanatang X Caramelia: Creative Chocolatier Masterclass (Bonbon)

"Endless creation opportunities with chocolate" This is what Minji Lee believes in!

Can you imagine making all kinds of creative designs with just chocolate? In Minji's Chocolatier Masterclass, you can learn to do so!

It's our pleasure to welcome Minji Lee, Korea's Top Chocolatier! She started her chocolatier journey since she was 20 and been to many countries such as Australia to pursue her chocolate learning journey. Now back in Korea, becoming the best Chocolatier.

Join her masterclasses and let her tell you more about the infinite possibilities of chocolate, the artistry behind it and various tastes that you can create. Get inspired by her!

These exclusive classes only in Singapore across:
September 19-21

Workshop dates:
September 19: Class 1
September 20: Class 2
September 21: Class 3

Check out her amazing creations on instagram: @caramelia_co

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nanatang X Carlos Lischetti: Animation Sugar Modelling Masterclass

Welcome World's Top Sugar Modelling instructor, Carlos Lischetti! Coming to nanatang studio this September!

Carlos grew up in Rosario, Argentina and began cake decorating in 1990. He has always been self-motivated and self-taught to try and learn as much as he could from the worlds top sugarcrafters. His ever growing curiosity led him to take a few courses in Buenos Aires, Paris and London. He then got the chance to teach everything he had learned over those years in several schools in Argentina and Europe. He is currently working as a contributor to Cakes & Sugarcraft Magazine and teaching around the world. He has published 2 books: "Animation in Sugar" in 2012 (B.Dutton Publishing - UK) and "Animation in Sugar: Take 2" in 2015 (B.Dutton Publishing - UK).

Join his exclusive classes in Singapore only across:
Sep 25-27

Workshop dates:
Sep 25: Jumping Girl

Sep 26: The Illusionist

Sep 27: Princess of Green

Check out his amazing animated fondant figurines on instagram: @carloslischettiofficial (PS: you can even view some free tutorials!)

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