Embark on this sweet escape into one of our baking workshops in Singapore, because if you've been longing to start your own cake business, or hoped to entertain your guests with some stunningly delicious cake, then come and join us for a baking class in Singapore.

Our baking workshops in Singapore cover a range of techniques to improve your baking skills from cake decorating classes and buttercream flower class to fondant cake baking class. With a passion of mastering the art of baking, we bring together renowned bakers from around the world to our bake studio in Singapore so our students can have the opportunity to learn from the best in our workshops. Our bake studio in Singapore can accommodate up to 20 students and are scheduled through the year. So roll up your sleeves and together let us learn to make gorgeous artisan desserts for your next party or event!

Click on the listings below to know more about our each individual workshops coming up.


Singapore welcomes another multi-award cake-tist from spain!

Daniel specialises in 3D monumental, celebration cakes and chocolate sculptures. He is also a cake international judge as well as European Regional manager of Global Sugar artist Network.

With his wide professional experience in teaching,design. illustration, artistic direction and pastry, he is completely determined to improve the sweet world using his artistic background.

He is one of the best cake artisits that we are honored to be working with. Be sure not to miss the opportunity to learn some good caking techniques!

Workshop dates: September 13, 14 and 15 only

View his amazing works on Instagram @danieldiegue

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nanatang is again welcoming Petya Shmarova to Singapore for the second time! She is an international wafer paper flowers artist from Bulgaria, Europe. Also an Author and Multiple Award Winner. She has articles published in the The British Sugarcraft Guild newsletter, Cakes and Sugarcraft, Cake Decoration monthly. She is accredited tutor and demonstrator for leading UK Cake Decoration Companies as Patchwork Cutters and Knightsbridge PME.
Her first book about Wafer paper flowers was release November 2016.

Workshop dates: - September 21, 22, 23 and 24

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Check out instructor's award-winning works: @petyashmarova

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nanatang X Emporium: Luxurious Sugar Flowers Wedding Cake Masterclass

nanatang welcomes Emporium, one of the best wedding cake companies in the world!

Elizabeth Solaru, the founder of Elizabeth's Cake Emporium, is a multi award winner, creating the most opulent, innovative and beautifully handcrafted cakes using the finest ingredients. As a pioneer in the wedding industry, her creations have been featured in numerous national and international blogs and publications including Vogue, Tatler, Wedluxe, Strictly Weddings, The Telegraph, and Conde Nast BRIDES.

Clients include British, European and Middle Eastern Royalty, celebrities and high net worth individuals. Elizabeth has appeared on the BBC, the Good Food Channel, BBC Radio and Sky Living as a luxury expert. She is also a regular on Sky TV being the only three times winner of The Great Cake Bake, a show which featured the best wedding cake makers in the country.

Elizabeth is an international speaker and a competition judge who travels the globe speaking to fellow cake makers, women in business, wedding industry professionals and other entrepreneurial groups.

Author of best selling artisan cake book OPULENCIA, Elizabeth is in demand as a sugarcraft expert.

Workshop dates: - September 28 & 29 (2 days intensive learning masterclass) 

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Check out instructor's award-winning works: @elizabethscakeemporium

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nanatang : Workshops by instructor Serena

Have you always been an admirer of our cakes? Now it's your chance to learn from the Head Cake-tist of nanatang, Serena!
Spend a fruitful moments with her and learn to create her signature designer cakes and desserts!

- 3 Tiers Wedding Cake Masterclass
- Macarons Masterclass
- Wagashi
- Cakepopsicles
- Surprise Money Pulling X Hidden Gems Cake
- Many more

Serena has been in the caking industry since 2013. You will be guaranteed to learn lots from her! Other than baking, cake is all about the design and looks. Who wants to eat commercial looking cakes when you can have a beautiful handcrafted one?
Enjoy and relax in her classes while all the materials are prepared and included in every course.

Open for all, with or without any baking background. Upgrade your skills to another designer level!

Workshop dates: click button to find out schedule

Search on instagram @serenanatang / @nanatangbakes to see her amazing work!

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nanatang X Charles Liets: Authentic French Pastries Workshops

Who should you be learning Authentic French Pastries from? Of course, it should be from a professional Pastry Chef from France!

This October 2019, we are honoured to welcome Charles Liets, all the way from London, to share with us his skills and knowledge on French Pastries - mainly his specialities, Choux Pastry and Multi-layered tarts.

Charles started his pastry career since 2010 and was a pastry chef in many different big organisations such as Shangri-la hotel Paris and The Ritz London. Currently, he is now the head of pastry production at World's Greatest Food Emporium - Harrods, based in London, UK.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the expert! (unless you want to fly to Paris?) Join these exclusive classes in Singapore only across:
Oct 26, 27, 28!

Workshop dates:
Oct 26 & 27: 2 days Multi-Layered Tarts Masterclass
Oct 28 (PH): 1 day Choux Pastry Masterclass

Check out his yummy creations on instagram: @charlesliets

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nanatang X Cream Flower Art: Art Knife Flower Workshops

Nanatang welcomes super artistic and skilful instructor from Korea - Jane Kim! She is the expert for Clay Cream Flower, using the trendy Palette Knife Art technique!

New Techniques and recipes created by Jane Kim from International Flower Art Association. Her Master Courses are now available in Singapore only across:
Nov 6 to 10 only!

Are you curious of what exactly is Clay Cream? And how this material can be used to create beautiful and realistic flower? How to use palette knife to make such 3D realistic flowers? Don't miss this chance of learning from the very best! Sign up early with us.

Workshop dates:
Nov 6 & 7: 2 Days Masterclass
Nov 9: 1 Day Comprehensive Class
Nov 10: 1 Day Comprehensive Class  

Check out her creations on instagram: @creamflowerart

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nanatang X Dolce Sentire: Artist's 2D Icing Cookies Workshops

This November 2019, we welcome Aixa Zunino, the heart and soul of Dolce Sentire, a virtual corner of sweetness and creativity dedicated to cookie decorating.

Dolce Sentire's work and tutorials can be seen in the pages of international magazines such as Cake Masters Magazine, Edible Artists Network Magazine or Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft Magazine

- For two consecutive years (2016 and 2017), Dolce Sentire has been honored with a nomination as a finalist in the Cookie Category for the Cake Masters Magazine Awards.
- She's been awarded as the Winner in 2017 with the Cookie Award.
- In 2017, Aixa has been also awarded the Educator or the Year (2016) at Cookie Connection
- She also received award recognition with the Gold Award- Colaboration Australia 2017 given by the Australian Cake Artists & Decorators Association - ACADA

Want to learn such meticulous art pieces from Aixa? Amaze your friends with what you can do! Join these exclusive class in Singapore only across:
Nov 15 to 17 only!

Workshop dates:
Nov 15, 9am: Starter's Class
Nov 15, 3pm: Starter's Class
Nov 16: Instructor Course
Nov 17: Comprehensive Course  

Check out her creations on instagram: @dolcesentire

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nanatang X Simply Sugar: Advanced Royal Icing Art Workshops

Nanatang welcomes another multi-awards cake designer, Summer Sung, to Singapore! Almost every meticulous details you see on her cakes are created using her special royal icing recipe and techniques. The lines, the droplets, the image. We are very amazed with her skills! Coming all the way from Taiwan. Be sure not to miss her!

Learn from the very best! Sign up early with us.

Workshop dates: Nov 22-24 (Class 1: The Circus), Nov 26-28 (Class 2: Mandala)  

Check out her creations on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/.simplysugar88

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nanatang X MariyasCakes: Airbrush Skilled workshop

Nanatang welcomes back Mariya from Turkey who is one of the best Airbrush Instructors in the world! Her classes were fully booked in 2018. Everyone enjoyed her classes especially her spontaneous character!

This year, Mariya is going to share more than just airbrushing. She will also be sharing isomalt shaping skills in her 2-days class!

Mariya started her exploring sugar art and cake decoration in 2010. She specialises in Airbrushing techniques. In her class, you will learn all about airbrushing and resolving all queries you have for airbrush.

To date,  she has been leading various cake decoration workshops and teaching courses internationally. Mariya received numerous Gold and Silver awards at the Cake International in Birmingham, England. She become an official pastry-chef in the Turkish National Culinary Team-TASFED in March 2017.   

Workshop dates: Dec 5 to 8 (3 classes only)

View her works on Instagram @Mariyas_cakes_and_art

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