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Fun Baking Classes and Courses to Fuel your Passion

Nanatang is established in 2013 by founder, Serena. Started as a homebaker like many of you, Serena came a long way. Now nanatang is a 2-storeys and well known baking studio and bakehouse that caters to the latest cake trends to bring you exciting baking classes and insta-worthy cakes. Nanatang also exclusively works with many award winning instructors from all around the World such as France, Taiwan, Ireland, Korea and many more.

It was created as a space to bring together beautiful people to create beautiful things, a space where it’s normal to hear “cake is life”.

Here at Nanatang, you can learn and grow your passions because you’ve got a like-minded friend in us.

You can conduct your own baking workshop (be it cake or non-cake related) or host private parties or events. We also do personal baking and corporate bonding sessions such as team building cooking classes!

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Popular Baking Classes and Courses

Desserts and Cake Baking Class

Nanatang’s Signature Fatfatcaron Class is originally created by founder, Serena herself.

These Fatfatcarons are not the usual ones that is purely filled with whole chunk of cream. Inspired from the ttung-carons (뚱카롱)—giant versions of its dainty-looking French cousins, which literarily translates to ‘fat-carons’ for its sheer size and over-the-top appearance, Serena from Nanatang, created fatfatcarons–the plus-sized versions of fatcarons.

We want you to taste different texture and experience flavs within each piece of goodness. Only for those who appreciate good quality made-with-love masterpiece.

Since we are the original creators of fatfatcarons, that means there’s no other baking studio in Singapore that you can learn to make this delectable, texture-rich delight!

Try on many other types of baking classes such as Korean Strawberry cake, Choux & Tarts, Dacquoise and Madeleines!

Using only premium and good quality ingredients in our classes.

Recipes are all tweaked and adjusted to the lowest sugar content without changing the taste and texture of the products.

Cake Decorating Class

Baking is one thing. Decorating is another brand new world!

Making the cakes and pastries beautiful is important. When it looks more appealing, it makes people want to eat it. Also most importantly, people admired it first and take nice photos for memory keeping.

Nanatang first started off with Korean Flower Piping classes. From Korean glossy buttercream to Korean Beanpaste flowers to Chocolate Cream flowers, be amazed with how beautiful these flowers are! On top of that, it is fully edible unlike using fresh flowers to decorate your cakes.

Nanatang has decorating classes that are suitable for you to bring your child along! Come and have some fun and enjoy the bonding moment. And most importantly, no washing required (YAY!!). Feel free to make some mess and let us take care of all the cleaning up. You just have to concentrate on your child.

Couple Baking Class

Are you one of those who always google “what to do in Singapore?” or “couple activities in Singapore?”.

Come and have some fun baking time with your partner!

Our classes are beginner friendly and guided step-by-step by professionally trained instructors. All materials are included and prepared.

Arrive bringing nothing (fuss-free!), but go home with your own handmade products to enjoy and share with your other loved ones! Who knows you will find your passion in baking and start to fire up!

We have a range of creative classes for you to choose from.

The Baking Studio Where Passionate Baking Happens

Yen (Singapore)

Mariya (Turkey)

Serena (Singapore)

Lumascake (Paris)

Carla Puig (Spain)

Caramelia (Korea)

Lucia Cake (Korea)

Cupcakes & Counting (Ireland)

Warmcake (Korea)

How to choose a suitable baking class?

You will have to firstly ask yourself if you are looking for a fun and casual experience or want to turn baking into a full-time career.

Some very affordable class (such as classes from community centers) might be just a demonstration session without hands-on. Classes with longer duration tends to be more hands-on and technique-focused.

Entry level classes within $200 tends is a good starting point to start your baking journey.

Classes above $200 tends to provide deeper insights into baking and often feature overseas celebrity chefs such as the handsome Charles Liets from London, Dream cake creator Lumascake from Paris and the famous Warmcake (Crystal) from Korea.

All in all, these baking classes are only for those who are serious in learning and want to skip all the failed baking from watching YouTube videos. It is for those who want to accelerate and excel and achieve good results in the shortest period of time.

With the rise of social media platforms such as instagram, do also check out the instagram accounts of various baking studios to view some of their works. A beautifully decorated and instagram-able cake might just catch your attention and steer you into joining their class in hopes to produce the exact same cake for showing-off on your very own instagram account!

How to choose a suitable baking class?

We are a baking studio located at 41 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169358. It is actually along the main road, further down from New Bridge Road.

Our 2-storeys studio hold baking classes for beginners to baking experts and covers a wide range of cake decorating techniques by an international team of chefs. Our international partners come from places such as London, Korea, Turkey and France, just to name a few.

Serena founded the baking studio in 2013. She specialises in buttercream style cakes and is an expert with the flower pipping technique.

If you are interested in joining a class, you can view our upcoming classes here:

To contact us, you can drop us an email at or WhatsApp Serena at 91998928.

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