Korean Buttercream Class Singapore
  1. Flower piping requires a lot of practices and patience
  2. Working in a cooled area is better, as the buttercream will melt fast especially if you are a beginner
  3. Have a fridge near you and always chill your buttercream if it starts to melt
  4. No one is born a talent! Do expect to have not-so-great results in the beginning (Serena’s flowers were not nice at all when she first started)
  5. It is super difficult to learn over education video channels such as youtube. It is always easier to see than do. There is no one guiding you to spot your mistakes and how to make adjustments. You are going to always be stuck at one level.


Are You Ready To Take A Proper Class & Bring Your Skills to Another Level?

Our Flower piping classes are conducted by Serena, founder of nanatang.

She started piping since 2015. Within a year, her skills accelerated and improved fast to a level where she could start to teach and share her skills. Her secret is no big secret at all! She is able to achieve all these because she met and learnt from good mentors, mostly from Korea.

It is not a miracle to have such achievements. It is all about hard work and determination to make things work!

In Serena’s Korean buttercream cake class, you will be learning:


  • Making of Korean buttercream and learning what that is
  • Creating of colours and combination
  • Piping of a variety of flowers and leaves
  • Decorating on your cakes
  • Tips and tricks on how to control your hands

To make the flowers extra beautiful, you got to practice a lot and remember not to ever give up! NO PAIN NO GAIN!




Join Us now! Click this link to find out more about class and schedule. Do note limited slots available and we welcome all open-minded learners who are eager to learn and want to unlock an achievement!


Other Plus Points For Joining Nanatang’s Korean Buttercream Flower Class


With the rise of social media platforms such as instagram, do also check out our instagram account @nanatangbakes to view our works. A beautifully decorated and instagram-able cake might just catch your attention and steer you into joining their class in hopes to produce the exact same cake for showing-off on your very own instagram account!


More About Nanatang’s Baking Classes

We are a baking studio located at 41 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169358. It is actually along the main road, further down from New Bridge Road.

Our studio hold baking classes for beginners to baking experts and covers a wide range of cake decorating techniques by an international team of chefs. Our international partners come from places such as London, Korea, Turkey and France, just to name a few.

Serena founded the baking studio in 2013. She specialises in buttercream style cakes, Korean style desserts such as fatfatcarons and is an expert with the flower pipping technique using Korean buttercream.

If you are interested in joining a class by yourself or with a baking buddy, you can view our upcoming classes here: https://nanatang.com/pages/workshops