Macaron Class Singapore

“Fantastic Korean Fatfatcaron workshop!” – Josie


“Wonderful baking experience! thanks to all wonderful team at nanatang” – Kici


“Just attended the fatfat macaron class and had an absolute blast. Serena was so generous in sharing her knowledge, with tips and tricks and troubleshooting all laid out. Will definitely be coming back for other classes” – Olwen


“The macaron class is the most attractive and hence i come all the way from Australia to Singapore to learn!” – VY


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Why is Nanatang’s Macaron Class So Special?


Let’s Skip the typical cliche “made with love” (who doesn’t!).


Nanatang’s macarons are named as Korean-style fatfatcarons as they are inspired by the korean dessert trends. These luxury looking macarons are chunky, thick and well filled with different elements such as cake layers, smooth cream and crunchy toppings etc. It is like a mini sweet hamburger!


After having these fatfatcarons, you are most likely to abandon the normal thin looking macarons!


In the class, you will also find out and understand how you can create a variety of flavours and combinations. And most importantly, understand why making the macaron shells is so crucial and sensitive. There are many points to take note of when making the macaron shells. When you are familiar with the steps, you will be able to master the skills in no time!


SAY NO to hours of failed baking and wasted ingredients!


macaron class singapore students


macaron class singapore group


macaron class singapore


Join Us now! Click this link to find out more about class and schedule. Do note limited slots available and we welcome all open-minded learners who are eager to learn and want to unlock an achievement!


Other Plus Points For Joining Nanatang’s Macaron Class



With the rise of social media platforms such as instagram, do also check out our instagram account @nanatangbakes to view our works. A beautifully decorated and instagram-able cake might just catch your attention and steer you into joining their class in hopes to produce the exact same cake for showing-off on your very own instagram account!


More About Nanatang’s Baking Classes


We are a baking studio located at 41 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169358. It is actually along the main road, further down from New Bridge Road.


Our studio hold baking classes for beginners to baking experts and covers a wide range of cake decorating techniques by an international team of chefs. Our international partners come from places such as London, Korea, Turkey and France, just to name a few.


Serena founded the baking studio in 2013. She specialises in buttercream style cakes, Korean style desserts such as fatfatcarons and is an expert with the flower pipping technique.


If you are interested in joining a class by yourself or with a baking buddy, you can view our upcoming classes here: